Rammel Club #88

Rammel Club is Nottingham's most reliably, splendidly weird music promotions team. I'm always chuffed when they get in touch, cos it means I'm probably going to see something truly wonderful, and also get to play for a crowd who wouldn't bat an eyelid if I attacked the guitar with a hand whisk for 40 minutes. They'd in all likelihood prefer that to what I actually do. Well, maybe I'll take a whisk to this thing - Sunday afternoon with the mighty Yerba Mansa as well as Nottingham's Nacht und Nebel. Come down. I'll bring the electric guitars.

yerba mansa.png

Glenn Jones show

Pretty excited about playing a show with American Primitive standard bearer Glenn Jones in beautiful Bishop's Castle, Shropshire. Came about at the last minute, but I'm looking forward to getting back to that part of the world and seeing Glenn play for the first time in a couple of years in the company of some old buddies and top flight ales.